Гифы пожелания на татарском языке

Гифы пожелания на татарском языке

Happy congratulations on the holiday of Uraz Bayram

Fasting has ended, souls and bodies have been cleansed: the time has come to exult and rejoice. Believers, who have never managed to break the fast, observing all its severe limitations, have a special joy and upliftment. Such Muslims and greetings from Uraz Bayram perceive as personal, only addressed to them kind words.

So this holiday hour has come,
  Glorious Allah is favorable to us!
  We happily celebrate the holiday Bayram!
  He is for patience and loyalty to us!
  We wish all the faithful health,
  Peace of warmth and reliable shelter!

The first day of the month after fasting
  In Chawwal we meet each other, the reason is clear,
  Uraza Bayram lifts the ban,
  Ramadan has passed, and it is no longer there.
  Prophet Mohammed gave us the Koran,
  From gin and sin he defended himself
  Happy and festive day for Muslims
  We all go to each other because you can now.
  Let relatives and friends not be bored
  And they open their doors to your house,
  Carry for a huge family
  For the happiness and joy of Allah moth.

Only the sun will appear in the sky,
  I will come to Allah with prayer,
  Let him send me boundless light
Oh love, I pray for you.
  To Uraza-bairam reminded us,
  About good and spiritual matters,
  I like the son on my knees humble
  Through prayer I cry ALLAH -
  Protect our lives from sin
  And give a little love,
  May we live with you in love.

Congratulations from Uraz Bayram in Tatar and Arabic

More than 7 million Tatars live in the world; most of them are Russians. Many Russian Tatars observe fasting and celebrate all national holidays. Uraza Bayram for believing Tatars is the happiest period. Of course, your Muslim friends and acquaintances will be sincerely happy if you present them with a greeting card with Uraz Bayram in the Tatar language. If it will be difficult for you to find poems or other greetings in the native language of your friends, our selection will help you.

Uraza Beyrem Belen SZNE CHUN KUNELDEN KOTLYM! Behet, isen salyk Walk Birsen barygyzga!

Eid Mubarak! Eid Mubarak! Oh, your blessing has risen on this day! Congratulations to the entire planet and wish happiness of love, prosperity, and live to the next Uraza-Bayram. May Allah keep your soul and heart. You are not evil, be obedient and follow all the traditions of our people and you will be happy in life.

Good SMS greetings from Uraz Bayram

Probably, each of us has friends who live in other cities and countries. Letters to them will go for a long time, but the calls are now expensive. Another thing - short phone messages. Send your friends and relatives SMS greetings from Uraza-Bayram: they will be pleased to receive news on this bright day from loved ones.

Bright holiday celebrate
  Uraza Bayram meet!
  We go to the mosque in the morning,
  Muezzin will sing there.
  We will congratulate everyone
  And family, meet friends,
  Give alms
  The table is chic without a doubt,
  There will be a lot of fun.

After the month of Ramadan
  Three days will last feast.
  Allah has given us a holiday
  Rejoices the whole Muslim world.

Great holiday - happiness for all
  Everyone is glad to new guests.
  Fun and children's sincere laughter -
  This is Uraza Bayram.

Muslims congratulations to all
  Uraza-bairam came to us,
  We see off today
  Fasting month of Ramadan.
  Can food and drinks
  On the tables put us,
  Everybody will be full today,
  After fasting Ramadan.
  Take out all the presents
  And carry to close to the house,
  Let things remain
  For further later

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